Halloween Zombie Thrill Ride:

It all started in 2017. The CDC had a small incident in the southern part of Maryland with a breakout of what some called the undead. The threat was immediately contained within the compounds of an industrial site located off of route 301 in Newburg, Maryland. The threat became so big that the army was called in to try and control the incident that many believed should have long been resolved…

2019 Ride Schedule:

Saturday – October 5th, 2019
7PM – 11PM
Friday – October 11th, 2019
7PM – 11PM
Saturday – October 12th, 2019
7PM – 11PM
Friday – October 18th, 2019
7PM – 11PM
Saturday – October 19th, 2019
7PM – 11PM
Friday – October 25th, 2019
645PM – 11:30PM
Saturday – October 26th, 2019
645PM – 11:30PM

Dates and Times 

We are located in Southern Maryland

Our location


Southern Maryland Paintball
11272 Edge Hill Rd
Newburg, MD 20664


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Why people love shooting zombies!

All Ages Welcome

Come enjoy the ride with all your friends and family. Small children can sit on a parents lap.

No Mask Required

No one is shooting back at you, so there is no need to have a mask. All our guns are mounted with limited range.

Zombies Can’t Shoot Back

They are mindless zombies, enjoy blasting them as they creep towards you. Make sure to put extra shots on each zombie.

Safe & Fun

Our full team is dedicated to creating a safe and fun experience for you and your guests. All of our paintball guns are mounted towards potential zombies.